What is it?

Brand strategy envisages the future position of a brand in its respective market. Its contents may change depending on the brand, but its purpose remains the same in each case: to create the ABC’s of the brand, a guideline, for its future communications.

What is it good for?

The purpose of brand strategy is to answer questions like how far the brand must “travel” perceptually in order to be competitive, the benefits of getting there for the business, the purpose and values that the brand culture will need to adhere to in order to make that journey, and the competitive resistance it brand may have to encounter on its way to that point. At the end, it answers the two very simple, yet important questions: Why? and Where?

How does it work?

For one seamless creative brand strategy, three crucial steps must be taken: Research, Creative Approach and Strategic Planning.

The backbone of every strategy is based on a creative-idea and all interesting creative ideas are fueled by extensive research and detailed insights. Once a concrete strategy begins to form; the brand will know what to say, how to make it appealing to the target audience, where to say it and how to maintain the conversation.


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