What is it?

Digital campaign management encompasses the actions taken by the experts to keep track of a digital campaign, starting from the moment it commenced, and the optimizations necessary for the campaign to reach its goals.

What is it good for?

Digital campaign management is the most important aspect of a successful digital ad strategy. It is needed for the campaign results to be in line with the initial campaign goals. As digital campaign management encompasses several highly important tasks, including reporting on a regular basis, optimization based on mediums’ performances and the decelerating, accelerating and stopping of the ads in necessary cases, it is a must for any effective digital ad campaign.

How does it work?

Once the campaing is approved and started, experts start to keep track of the campaign on a daily basis. Individual performances of the selected mediums are analysed, and decisions are made on questions like whether there is any need for a changing of the mediums, or a budget raise.

In order to get more accurate results, a variety of tools are used during the campaign.


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