What is it?

Internet advertising makes it possible for the brands to deliver their messages to their target audience using the Internet. After choosing the most appropriate channels to reach their audiences, they are able to communicate their messages using a variety of ad formats like text, banner or video.

What is it good for?

The most important characteristic of Internet advertising is that it is highly measurable. This is especially true when Internet advertising, with its broad range of measurement metrics, is compared to another types of advertising. Thanks to ad-impressions, click rate, video views, demographics and lots of other reportable metrics, Internet ad campaigns are easily measurable & optimizable, thus more effective. In addition to these, with targeting technologies getting better every day, it is becoming increasingly easier for the brands to reach their audiences.

Another plus of using Internet ads is that they give the brands, publishers and agencies the ability to react faster during the course of the ad campaigns. Moment to moment tracking, fast optimization ability and the option to immediately stop the running of an ad if necessary are some of the advantages of Internet ads that give the publishers the flexibility they need.

All of these make Internet advertising a sensible choice for those who are looking to get quick and dependable results in their campaigns, to increase their brand’s popularity and, of course, make more sales.

How does it work?

Based on the brand’s brief and budget, target audience and competitors are analyzed by the media planning team. Then, the most appropriate medium to communicate with the target audience is determined. After that, the media plan, which includes the budget and campaign timeline, is presented to the brand.

The ads start running after the brand’s approval. Media planning team keeps track of the campaign on a daily basis and presents a report to the customer once in every two days. This way, the brand can see how effective the campaign is going, and necessary actions can be taken immediately. After the campaign is over, a final report is presented to the brand.


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