What is it?

PPC is an advertising model, in which the advertisers pay certain fees to publishers when their ads are clicked. The main purpose of PPC is to increase the number of website visitors with a faster rate by media buying, rather than waiting for organic traffic. Search engine ads are one of the most popular forms of PPC. Thanks to these, advertisers get top positions in search engine results related to their products and services.

What is it good for?

All advertisers know that a part of their investment are bound to go to waste each single time they invest in an ad campaign. But, as they cannot figure out exactly which part of the investment is wasted, they keep on spending similar amounts of money, only to get the same results again and again. This is the issue PPC model successfully adresses. Because, as the name suggests, in PPC, advertisers pay only if their ads are clicked by the users.

After organic traffic, an effective PPC ad campaign will be one of the most important visitor sources of your website.

How does it work?

In PPC model, advertisers bid for the placement of their ads in sponsored search engine –let’s say Google to give an example- links.

In Google AdWords(currently the world’s most popular PPC system), advertisers bid for the placement of their ads in sponsored Google results for the keywords they have chosen. Each time a search is performed with those keywords, competing advertisers and their bids are checked –among other criteria- and the winners for the ad spots are chosen. After the ad goes live, no fees are asked for the impressions. Once there are clicks, the advertisers are charged a small fee.


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