What is it?

One of the keystones of digital marketing, reporting consists of obtaining meaningful data from the ongoing marketing operations, measuring them and drawing conclusions for the betterment of the marketing strategy.

What is it good for?

With efficient reporting, brands will be able to have a better understanding of the progression of their digital marketing strategy, how close they are to reaching their goals, and whether there are any weak points. Going forward, this allows the brands to make better decisions, resulting in a more efficient digital marketing strategy.

How does it work?

To reach its target audiences through digital platforms, a brand needs to set a marketing budget. This budget, combined with the brand’s industry and the audience it is targeting, defines its digital marketing strategy; what types of ads are going to be used, and on what platforms… Reporting comes into play while the ads are running. With the help of certain digital tools, metrics such as costs, impressions, site visits and clicks are calculated and analyzed. This helps the brand to clearly see where exactly does it stand on the road to reaching its marketing goals, and whether it is getting the promised results for the money being spent on marketing. Making decisions based on useful data and successful analyzing will enable the brands to create a more efficient digital marketing strategy.


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