What is it?

Social media advertising is the using of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn as marketing tools. Some of the popular social media advertising methods are page likes, video views and application downloads.

What is it good for?

Social media sites and applications are among the most useful tools to increase the brands’ popularity and their sales. Facebook with its more than one billion active users, Instagram with over 600 million users and LinkedIn, which was sold to Microsoft for 26 billion dollars are among the ideal places for brands to reach their target audiences. With social media advertising, brands will be able to benefit from the highly advanced targeting-algorithms of these Internet giants. With the right audience targeting, social media ads are a very efficent way of managing your budget and gaining conversions.

How does it work?

Our ad auction system picks the best ads based on their maximum offers and performances. Several ads compete against each other and this process selects the ones that are most likely to return good results. This way, the brand gets the maximum benefit from social media platforms for its ad budget.


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