What is it?

Web analysis is the process of analyzing a website, by going through a wide range of data gathered from several metrics including visitor profiles, traffic sources, user behaviour and conversions. The results of the analysis show where exactly does the website stand in terms of achieving its goals, thus giving the brand a clearer path for the future strategies.

What is it good for?

Web analysis provides detailed and useful information regarding the website’s performance. After getting the analysis’ results, the brand –or the agency- will have meaningful and reliable data that can be used as a basis for the future design & marketing decisions. This will, in the long term, mean a more fullfilling user experience, and higher conversion rates.

How does it work?

Web analysis is often performed using a variety of website measurement tools. Generally, the first thing to be determined is whether the site’s visitor profile fits that of the target audience or not. If there is any inconsistency, a new target audience analysis is performed and changes are made in the communication tools the brand is using.

After the site’s visitors are confirmed as the desired audience, their visit counts and on-site behaviour are inspected. After the inspections, the website receives design and content optimizations, if necessary. With the right optimizations, it will have a higher number of visitors, and, as a results, a higher rate of conversion.


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